Why Help Desk Success Isn’t Possible without CRM?

The concept behind the abbreviation says it all – customer relationship management plays a central role in all facets of customer-facing organizations, consequently allowing engagement, positive experience, and ultimately, success. Your help desk stands on a frontier between your company and your clients, from where it solves problems, answers to queries, and makes customer success possible.

CRM and support could hardly do without each other, which is why our topic for the day is how centralization of customer data and automation of internal processes help companies deliver better, more accurate, and timely-bound customer service.

Here’s why help desk success isn’t possible without implementation of CRM systems.

Customers Don’t Want You to Ask, They Want You to Know

Modern-day customer behaviour has already become notorious. In both theory and practice, entrepreneurs can see that end-users are growing less patient with each day. They want to make their payments fast, to receive what they’ve bought even faster, and to start benefiting from it immediately.

When the problem occurs, they have no time to wait for a help desk rep to look for a solution. Modern customers expect them to already know everything. That’s where CRM comes into play, providing immediate information on the customer at hand, as well as on their history of interactions.

When Simple Queries Turn into Complex Cases

Some helpdesk queries are way more complex than others. They cannot be solved over the phone, at least not in a few short minutes. Such queries then turn into cases, and have to be treated as little projects or processes. When their resolutions cannot be found in a CRM system, something else can.

CRM solutions come in all forms and sizes, but they are arguably the most powerful when they are process-based. Such is the tool developed by bpm’online, which packs a great set of features and practices for out-of-the-box case management. However, complex cases are here efficiently solved.

Modern Problems Demand Instant Solutions

Wait times still present a big challenge for customer service and help desk practices, with solution developers working across the board to minimize number of tickets and solve customer management issues in real time. Needless to say, CRM providers like bpm’online have thought about it too.

Hence, the CRM queue management feature becomes useful, the capability that empowers help desk reps with automation of case priorities and similar parameters. With bpm’online, for instance, you can separate queues into dynamic, open, or blind, and treat them in accordance with their urgency or complexity.

Speed Should Never Jeopardize Quality

It goes without saying that help desk success requires much more than speed of resolution. The end-goal is to provide help in real time, but also to please customers with a stellar quality of service and to engage them with your brand through a positive experience. Help desk is an ideal place for both.

Be they traditional or cutting-edge, all CRM systems are essentially responsible for collecting, storing, and analysing customer data. The insight they give you is invaluable, not only in terms of what customers want to hear from a help desk rep, but also in terms of how they want to be treated.

Sometimes, Customers Prefer Self-Service

Speaking of which, numerous researches and statistics from the last couple of years indicate that less and less customers want to interact with human agents. A great number of them prefer live chats and chat bots, which brings us to our last link between help desks and CRM systems – knowledge.

If customers want to be self-served, then they need to be equipped with a comprehensive knowledge base. Thanks to a copious amount of data that they possess, CRMs play a significant part in building self-service portals as well. For starters, they let you know exactly how customers want to be served.

Fancy features aside, customer relationship management systems will increase and systemize your organization’s knowledge. This is their greatest benefit, the one that’s completely in tune with requirements of successful help desks. If you want to learn about the rest of them, please visit https://www.bpmonline.com/crm/help-desk. Hopefully, it will help you answer all of your queries.

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