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Identity cards have evolved from being that customer item worn around the neck or placed in the pocket. These days, they do not just carry the names of the bearer or the organization where he or she works. They are now being used for classification and implementation of effective security measures. The designs of identity cards have changed drastically too. Before now, many of the identity card issued by schools and organizations were made from paper and very vulnerable. These identity cards were easily destroyed by water or moisture.

Lanyards next day delivery UK

Nowadays, identity cards are made from plastics that are lots tougher and stronger.

The use of identity cards for security has also taken another dimension, in times past. It used to be about unveiling your identity card upon request from designated security personnel or officer. These days, identity cards are used to gain and deny access to specific places, and this development boils down to the evolution of technology. Smart identity cards contain encodings, magnetic stripes, and laminated holographic that authenticate the identity of the bearer.

Apart from its use as a biometric access control system, smart identity cards are also used in kiosks and supermarkets. In fact, most smart identity cards are now designed to be debit cards for prompt and effective payment for goods and services. It is not dignifying having to hold identity cards all around. Lanyards are useful for these. They make it easy to move around bearing your identity cards and other items such as a bunch of keys. There are many places and shops where lanyards are sold in the UK. It is also possible to place an order for this item on the internet. Lanyards next day delivery UK services are a prompt and efficient way to purchase this item. In this text, we will be looking at the main components of a smart identity card.

Main components of a smart identity card

Here are the must-have features and components of a smart id card.

Name and logo of the organization: Every identity card must have a logo that is emblematic of the company or institution that issued it. An identity card is practically useless if it doesn’t indicate the organization or institution that the bearer is attached to.

Security features: This is the major distinguishing factor between a smart identity card and other conventional id cards. A smart identity card has several security features such as magnetic stripes, bar codes, proximity antennae, laminated holographic, etc. it is this features that allows the identity card to be able to function as a biometric access control system. Smart identity cards also have sensitive chips similar to the ones seen on debit cards. That is why smart identity cards now function as a debit card and ID card combined and are used for making payments in stores and supermarkets.

Picture of the bearer: This is equally of high importance. A smart identity card must have a pictorial representation of the person wearing it. This is another method of authenticating an individual in a situation where the biometric and other features fail.

Name of the employee: What is an identity card without a name? The name of the bearer must be boldly and conspicuously written on the ID card. This is also useful for bonding and all employees to know each other.

Lanyards next day delivery UK

The address of the company: It is not uncommon for people to find missing identity cards and return them to the rightful place or organization. This wouldn’t have been possible in a case where the address of the institution is not indicated on the identity card. Every smart identity card must show the location of the issuing organization. It is also a form of marketing strategy and adverts for the company as people know where to go when they need their services.

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