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The handling of PHP or Hypertext Pre-processor seemed to lack efficient work response while running on complex websites. Too much time in loading of a website caused annoyance and the users started to look for an alternative solution. A solution that can eliminate drawbacks in smooth loading of the websites; hence YII solution was developed to rescue the end users for hassle free website loading.

YII stands for Yes It Is. It is a one-stop solution for all your website needs. It is basically an open source web application with a robust framework which easily supports the development of unique web applications. Based on PHP5 framework, YII can develop the Web 2.0 applications flawlessly.

It’s speed, security features, user-friendly attributes make YII an unbeatable software application in its range. With IT industries pacing up in India, the growth chart of YII application framework Development Company has witnessed a remarkable progress. YII is popular between the developers as well as the users.

The reason behind this success is quick adoption with the MCV architecture and the responsive design. YII supports automatic generation of codes for the developers. The auto code generation feature of YII simplifies the process modelling and database; it skips the complex task of re writing the SQL statements. For users, YII has proved to be a boon with its easy-to-load features. It ensures profitable business for the users with creative designs and responsive themes.

Superior performance, easy maintenance gives YII an extra edge over the other software applications. Not only this, the advantages of opting for YII are many. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Asynchronous JavaScript and XML enabled widgets available.
  • Quick correction of errors.
  • Robust security check from thefts and attacks.
  • In-built support authentication system
  • Easy filtration of log messages
  • Model view controller (MCV) compatibility
  • Support to data caching, fragment caching and page caching.

Designing and development are two important aspects of the applications as well as software. YII offers the best possible solutions at reasonable prices. The Indian market has experienced significant growth of YII service providers to cater the growing demands of the software industry. YII development Services Company in India offers efficient programmers for developing the web application which takes care of error handling, message logging, layered caching efficiently. Salient features of which makes YII framework extraordinary as compared to the traditional PHP are mentioned below:

  • Interface localization
  • Message translation
  • Time and date formatting
  • Smooth Incorporation of third party codes
  • Quick generation of code for form input and CRUD.
  • Full-fledged support to running tests along with selenium based functionality tests.
  • Mechanical support to WSDL service conditions.

Choosing a service provider for YII services for your company is a difficult task. Acrossdifferent verticals of business, your YII service company should be able to provide applications which can enable the organisation to handle complex webpages easily and create interactive design interface. Besides, things such as pricing, methodologies and round the clock technical support should not be ignored when you finalize the YII service providers.


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