Virtual Offices and How They Will Add Value to Your Presence

As the freest market economy in the world and one that boasts some of the best corporate tax incentives, Hong Kong is home to the millionaire, as one in seven residents is one. This should be of little surprise as the country is the economic centre of much of the Asia market, capitalising on both traditional financial industries, the tech sector, and more recently, the burgeoning real estate market.

In fact, Hong Kong’s commercial real estate market has spiked as international business continues to see the province as a profitable, attractive investment. For SMEs and start-ups, though, these high price tags, rivalling those in New York, completely shut them out of high profile addresses, places necessary to compete. Through the shared space revolution, though, the virtual office has been a number one player in levelling the playing field for the small business. Click on the following website link to learn why the virtual office has become a popular solution for solving this dilemma.

Continue reading below to learn more about how the virtual office can raise your business’s profile and improve your visibility in the marketplace.


One of the central reasons businesses benefit from the virtual office is because most plans make it affordable to move closer to the Central District and Kowloon. By streamlining the cost of office space, furnishings and the amenities that go with the typical office, the cost to lease space in these more prestigious locations in Hong Kong drastically drops. Furthermore, because renters only lease the use of space as opposed to an entire office, they are essentially on a pay-as-you-go plan.

This proximity also gives businesses a prestigious address and phone number, which is printed on business cards, stationery, and other company literature. In a place where image matters, your Hong Kong business can convey to the world that your business stands head and shoulders among the rest in the area. In essence, the right address attracts high profile clients.


The virtual office offers Hong Kong businesses the opportunity to operate from any medium within this environment. Ultimately, with the virtual office, businesses can move from real space to virtual reality, but through the various online management systems, online apps, and social media sites, your company can make a name for itself long before you meet clients in person. Additionally, with many virtual office plans, renters have access to conference, meeting, and boardrooms. For the most part, this versatility lends itself to your business being a presence in both physical and virtual realities.


More than operating in both physical and virtual space, Hong Kong businesses can find they can move into other markets in the Asia market, namely China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Because setting up your virtual office takes little time, testing out new markets is not a problem because much of the work can be done from any location in the world, and if travel is necessary, you can access your office with any device and an internet connection.

For businesses leasing with larger companies, they have access to meeting and conference rooms in any location in the world. Of the many types of leases, the virtual office offers businesses burden-free, non-protracted leasing that gives your business in Hong Kong room to move, much less grow. By just raising your company’s profile in Hong Kong, if motivated and ambitious enough, the world is yours for the taking.

Making Your Presence Known

Technology’s many tools have made the virtual office a great option for businesses adopting the remote-working format. More significantly, this low-cost alternative to traditional leasing gives businesses the flexibility to operate in more than one location simply by reducing the common costs associated with leasing space. Finally, this flexibility lends itself to promoting your company’s brand and raising your business’s profile on the world stage.

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