Medical Laboratory Technician Duties & Eligibility

Medical Laboratory Technician Duties & Eligibility

Medical laboratory technician job is a complex one. He/she has to first collect and then process specimens which include bodily and skin fluids samples from a private medical laboratory to from patients in the hospital. Their work is closely monitored by laboratory technologist. The one who works as a technician in laboratories are often referred as lab technicians.

Lab technicians these days are in huge demand in government and private hospitals, physicians, diagnostic and medical laboratories among others. Thus it’s important for you to hire medical laboratory technician to handle your daily work which has to be handled sensitively as it deals with human lives. Here’s a list of some of the important duties that fall under the scope of a lab technician:

  • A lab technician has to put everything in order like matching labelling with computer orders, arranging reports for delivery, checking labelling, sorting specimens, and keeping the floor neat and in order among various others.
  • A technician has to maintain quality results by timely verifying functioning of lab equipment and closely monitoring quality control protocols and measures.
  • On identifying abnormal patient’s condition immediately has to alert and communicate this to supervisory personnel, nurse, patient’s physician or the pathologist.
  • Follow the assigned guidelines for safe and proper handling of blood, hazardous chemicals or bodily fluids among others.
  • A lab technician must interact with all lab customers professionally and courteously.

Medical Laboratory Technician Duties & Eligibility

Qualification Required

If you wish to hire medical laboratory technician make sure he has completed an associate degree program only then he/she is eligible for this job.

Soft Skills Required

  • A job seeker in this respective field first should go through a formal and thorough training before being eligible for this post. Having said that you should also check whether they possess the below-mentioned soft skills or not:
  • Listening Skills: Since they are destined to work under a lab technologist, they should first listen to the instructions that are given by lab technologists and listening to patient’s concern is also very important.
  • Critical Thinking: Before choosing the best solution they should think once whether the solution that they are giving will be beneficial or not.
  • Reading Skills: Since every time a verbal instruction is not possible they are generally handed an instruction list so they should have a good reading skill to understand their duties.
  • Stamina And Physical Strength: Since it’s always not in their scope to turn and lift patients but in case of an emergency even they have to do such jobs. Therefore, before you hire you should check their strength and stamina.

Other Qualities Required

  • Must pay attention while they are instructed.
  • Should be able to adapt themselves to the working environment at the earliest.
  • Their aim has to patient service.
  • Though not much still basic computer skills are required, so they should have basic computer operating knowledge.
  • Must have good eyesight to see clearly from a distance of at least 20 inches.

If the candidate fulfils all the above-mentioned criteria’s then you can hire them. They should also be taught on the problems that they will be facing at the workplace.


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