Providing the best raw material to the raw material consumers, the calcination processes, the best brake linings, the best catalysts for chemical processes, the best electroceramics, the best refractories, the best quality powder milling, the best welded products, all at the best quality is generally considered impossible. But, the Thermograde process technology limited has provided to the entire space that providing the raw material seekers with all these that too at the best quality is not impossible has one can do it if they really want to do it.

Powder milling is nothing but making the entire chunk of metal, or the block or sheet of metal into fine powder so that it can be used for various other processes. Handling the huge chunk of metal is very difficult. If the size of the metal is reduced to smaller particles, then the handling of the metal becomes easy and the production is also easier. Raw material industries generally see to it that they definitely follow the process of powder milling in the industries because it is one of the most effective way to get the output and can be put into better use if it is of small size particle.

Powder milling

  • Effect on the particles of the metal:

Generally, people are of the wrong opinion that if the particle size or the granular size of the metal is reduced and made as small as possible then the properties of the metal might change. They might assume that the strength of the metal also reduces, the ductility and the malleability of the metal is reduced and so on. If they are of this opinion, then they are totally wrong in their assumptions. It is just that they are powdering the metal for the cause of easy handling and this powdering of the metal will not have any kind of effect on the materials as such.

Powder milling is one of those industries where you will find that you are reducing the size of the metal particles and you are making it grain size and you can still not worry about the physical and chemical properties of the material that it might change as such. It will definitely cause no harm with respect to the properties of the metal and it is all set in such a way that even when the metal particles are heated to melt and form any kind of shape, there will not be any kind of stresses that will be developed inside the material which might lead to the change in the properties of the material. It is just that the alignment of the atoms will change and the properties will remains as they were and there will be no other change.

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