Different positions pertaining to breastfeeding

What are the best positions for breastfeeding? You need to consider the fact that it is not a natural phenomenon and the comfort and a successful experience needs to be provided. Each position that is going to be discussed does have its own share of pros and cons. Plenty of support is the key and you should rest in a way that maximum amount of support to your legs or arms is provided. You could also need to put your feet up if the situation wants it to be.

The baby needs to be placed closed to you so that they would need to turn their heads to nurse. The face needs to face the nipple. Hunching or bending to feed your baby could be tough on your back or neck whereby chances of sore nipples doincrease. If the baby goes on to latch on to the nipple in a way that it hurts you then remove them gently and let them try again. So what is the best position for breastfeeding? Ideally it should be comfortable for the mother and chances of sore nipples, back or neck does not arise. Let us go through the position in details

The cross cradle position

The most comfortable position has to be cross cradle. With arm rests, the baby is being placed in a comfortable chair. The baby needs to be held in the crook of the arm and this is from the breast you are feeding the baby. It has to be the right breast for the left arm and vice versa. The back of the baby’s head needs to be held with your open hand. One has to guide the mouth of the baby to the breast. Do ensure that you do not lean too much forward or backward. Once this position has been got hold of you can pick up the cradle position.

Cradle hold

The baby is going to cradle on your lap or she should be on your side. If the need arises you can rely on the use of pillows to support the baby. Pillow support is a must in the first few weeks when the baby is small. Sometimes you would also need to support the breast.

The key is to understand whether the baby has gone on to latch properly or not. At least half an inch of the dark area of the mother’s nipple has to be covered.

Breastfeeding in a laid back mode

Here in this position you are going to lie on a couch or a bed as this is the most comfortable position. The baby is kept away from the incision as the head of the baby is supported by the hand and the arm goes on to support the back. The other arm goes on to support the breast as well. The baby should be facing the mouth at the height of the nipple. When the baby is small you may need to use pillows to bring up the baby to the correct height.

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