Get That Buff and Fit Bod Even When You’re Home

Having a lean and fit body is the ultimate goal of any individual. Many may think it is unattainable but with patience and discipline, you can actually get that dream bod of yours. Losing weight needs a certain commitment in terms of energy, time and even money. Enrolling in a fitness gym may seem to be the perfect solution but why spend money on membership fees when you can get fit in the comforts of your home? Here’s how you can be lean and mean, try it out even when at home.

  • Muscle Work-out

One simple exercise that you can do at home is lifting weights. Do this at least 3-4 times a week. You can also do other intense resistance training exercises like push ups and pull ups. Crunches and air squats will also help you get lose fat in no time. These bodyweight exercises are known to burn fats faster than running on the treadmill.

  • Attention to Core

Building and strengthening your cores should be one of your top goals. Devote part of your daily routine to the type of workouts that can strengthen your core like sit ups, crunches and leg lifts, among others. The more patience you have in training your muscles, the faster it will be for you to get results. Ab muscles will be more noticeable once you get a few or more hours of cardiovascular training every week.

  • Focus on Strength

Your program should be strength-based. This means that you need to keep your workout in check as too much exercising can also break down your healthy muscles sans the nutrients to repair it over time. Build and maintain quality muscles by focusing on strength rather on losing weight.

  • Regular Cardiovascular Exercise

A steady cardio exercise every week will help you get your desired weight. Cardiovascular exercises include jogging, swimming or even walking. By incorporating cardio exercises with your resistance training workouts, you can actually attain your dream body in no time.

Doing workouts should not feel like hell. It is not torture. It’s important that you are actually committed to become fit and lean so you can find the intensity and pace that’s right for you. Continue pushing yourself for the better, try it out . Having a lean and fit body can do wonders not only to your physical appearance but your confidence as a whole. You’ll not only look good but feel better eventually.

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