Muscle Building and The Right Supplements

Muscle Building and The Right Supplements

Be Proper to Gain Mass

Proper exercise and proper food are the important things to follow for muscle building. The protein synthesis, which is the basis for growth and muscle building declines with age and stops once we are grown up adults. The repairing of wear and tear of muscles at the cellular level takes place in the protein synthesis and further muscle building occurs. So regular exercise and proper food are required as per your need to gain continuous muscle gain. Food and workout are the two factors which boost your muscle building effect and the amount and timing vary with individuals.

Gaining mass continuously and maintaining it, needs an effort. You should have a proper workout plan by consulting with your trainer as the requirement of the workout varies with the individuals and their need. You should have a structured work out plan for you with progressive resistance training. Proper and balanced food and proper rest are also important factors in your muscle building effect. Normal food that everyone takes don’t go well in muscle building. The right amount of protein, fat, and carbohydrates are essential and proper sleep should also be ensured. During your deep sleep, many constructive biological processes take place which get back your muscle building.

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Get the Right Supplements

Herewith, we give details about three important supplements which go well in your muscle building. Best food supplements are available in the market which aids quick and regulated muscle growth. You go for supplements and natural foods as per the advice of your trainer.

  • Protein Powder

The normal requirement is 55 g of protein from food for an adult. If you want to build muscle, the requirement varies and you need approximately double the amount. Consult with your trainer and decide the right amount for you. Egg, fish, and meat are rich in proteins which give the required amino acids. The amino acids help in forming the proteins which our body can’t produce naturally.

Getting the required protein through food is a problem many faces and whey protein is the best available supplement for the fitness lovers. It gets digested quickly and assimilated into your muscle growth.  Taking 40 to 50mg of whey protein powder mixed with water after your workout is the best way to start your day. Take another dose in the day as per your trainer’s advice.

  • Creatine

For muscular growth, creatine is very much needed and researchers proved the increase in muscle volume, strength, and power with the increase in creatine levels.

Creatine gives energy and cells use it before they consume glucose. It is found in foods like red meat and stored in the muscles. The highly recommended supplement is creatine monohydrate and the dosage prescribed is 5g per day. The good effect is a proven one and people with high muscle mass go for 10g per day. But the high dose is not recommended except in certain conditions.

  • Beta – Alanine

It combines with another amino acid and produces carnosine. This carnosine acts as a buffer during your intense workout and reduces the deep burning feeling in your muscles. It thus helps for long and intense work out.

The recommended dosage is 2g to 5g and should be taken before your workout.

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