Pregnancy conception date- the ifs and the buts

With the aid of conception calculator, you can find out the exact due date of your baby. It is going to show when you have conceived and when the baby is due. To figure out the exact date of pregnancy is the main objective of a pregnancy calculator.To figure out the exact due date, the date of fertilization and ovulation. This is arrived at adding 266 days to the days of ovulation or fertilization.

pregnancy calculator

The last menstrual period works out to be the last date of your regular bleeding. The first date is the day when your menstrual cycle began. To find out the exact date you would need to enter the first and the last date of your monthly cycle. With pregnancy week by week pictures, you can find out at which stage the baby is.

Ovulation date

If you do not have an idea about the date of ovulation, then you can arrive at your due date by adding 280 days or 40 weeks and this should be undertaken from the last date of your menstrual cycle stretching to a 28 day cycle. If you find that the cycle works out to be longer than 28 days, then your ovulation is going to change and you would need to take into consideration in arriving at the exact due date.

Just try to figure out why figuring out the exact due date of your pregnancy is important. Once in a while you can arrive at the estimated due date with the help of an ultrasound. With the use of pregnancy day’s calculator, you can understand when you went on to become pregnant. Once you enter the due date, the exact date of your conception is going to emerge. Coupled with the fact the exact dates when you made love and pregnant is also going to emerge as well.

Understanding in depth about conception calendar

The pregnancy calculator answers the first question on the exact date you become pregnant. It has to be understood that finding the exact due date of a pregnancy is an important part of the process of pregnancy.

In this regard you would need to be aware of the last date of your menstrual cycle coupled with the duration of your monthly cycle. Just enter both these days coupled with the date of ovulation as well. From the pregnancy calculator date the exact date of your pregnancy is going to emerge, with some other events like the exact date of implantation, when is the baby going to move and important dates for ultrasound and glucose tests.

More about the conception calculator

The results of a conception calculator tend to differ from one woman to another. Just take into account the fact that they are mere estimates on when a pregnancy is likely to end. It is not a full proof method as a pregnancy calculator could emerge wrong or a pregnancy home test. The accurate details are dependent on entering the correct details.

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