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Modern communication world comprises of different connectivity places and domain name system should configure with proper value for rapid internet access. Various network problems face by user while connect with local area connection and wireless modem. Important role in network is internet protocol address and domain name system. Modify the value requires the simple knowledge and in case of organization it is control by network or system administrator to avoid discrepancies made by users. Mail based support offer by experts to resolve the complications on domain name system. Networking and internet icon is avail in taskbar made new users easy to start troubleshoot. Automatic troubleshoot in recent operating system made users flexible to connect with internet under critical problems. Network driver software should update in regular intervals for ensuring the connectivity and router settings are unique depend upon brand. Some provides offer constant username and password for easy troubleshooting. Port forwarding in modern support for various internet based application like camera connectivity. Primary domain name system is important and depends upon requirements alternate address configure by administrators.

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Commands list by experts and technical website are informative to enhance the knowledge on troubleshooting for home users. Domain system categorize into two type forward and reverse lookup zone in which IP address change to website name and reverse process performing in simple ways. All the process done with complex algorithm and user have to analyze the adapt information and transmission for better understanding of domain name system. Information relates to network and sharing brief in multiple languages made everyone to resolve how to fix dns server not responding through simple mode. Windows operating system, UNIX and Linux-based system are subject to variation in modifying the settings. Physical address of the network is varying by reset the network adapter value. After made changes in network users have to restart the computer for utilizing the full benefits. Change in network adapter made person to experience the new change in their internet connectivity and all type of network problems resolve through this methods. Domain system changes in server reflecting in client within certain interval fix by administrator and person has to reset on idle time to prevent immediate changes.

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